Ex-Developer Faces New Charges


Arrested last year in June, ex-Silicon Knights founder and director of Precursor Games was just sentenced to server one year in jail. Kenneth McCulloch, 43, showed up in Ontario court yesterday and pleaded guilty for having child porn distributed freely.

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However, there is more to the story. Niagara Regional police has charged McCulloch with sexual interference, sexual assualt, and forcible confinement! He is sill in custody and will go back to court on August 26 to deal with these charges.

When he was arrested, the police acquired videos of prepubescent boys doing sexual things with older women. McCulloch was ordered by the judge to stay away from anyone under the age of 16, including parks, schools, etc. for 10 years. In addition, his name will be registered in the local sex offender list for the next 20 years. The judge claimed that McCulloch likes to watch younger people and children in perverted situations and that he was a danger to public society.

Just after being arrested, CEO of Precursor Games Paul Caporicci immediately distanced himself from McCulloch: all ties between McCulloch and Precursor Games has been severed.